akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

Belgium, Russia and Portugal choose tonight

 The last night of multiple finals for 2008, tonight 3 countries will choose their respective entries to send to Belgrade.

5 songs fight for the Belgian ticket.  Personally I don't dislike any of them.  Nelson is a good one, but I think the fight will be between Sandrine and Ishtar.  Now, every year there is usually one song that I hear in a national final that I really really like and want to go to Eurovision.  Up to now, I have not heard that song.  Now I have.  Please Belgium, send Ishtar!!  I love it!  How will it do in Eurovision if it wins?  I have no idea as yet but I still want it to go!  I know it is in an imaginary language but, if I was Belgian, and had finished 2nd in 2003 with an imaginary language song and then had received pretty poor results for the following years, it would not bother me to send an imaginary language song once more.  Now, if Sandrine wins, I will not be distraught as it is also a really good song but It's Ishtar for me.

Russia has 27 songs in its final, almost as many as last year's Eurovision semi final!!  Dima Bilan's ( or whatever he may call himself in the future) song is nice but I dont think it's as good as his runner up entry in 2006. If the rumours are true, the one to beat is Sergey Lazarev with ' Flyer (Under Fire)'  If this wins, Russia will definitely be very high up on the scoreboard once again in 2008 and may be at the top for the first time methinks.

Now, people who know me know that I love Portugal in Eurovision, even though I have never ever been to Portugal (I must have been Portuguese in a previous life),  and would love them to win.  I have championned them when no one else would so I hope that there will be a great choice of songs in tonight's final since I have not heard any of them yet!!  Please Portugal, don't let me down!

Hope everyone enjoys tonight's finals!


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