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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Songs from Spain, Armenia and Montenegro

3 more Eurovision entries to add to the list tonight.

And what a shock in Spain!!  Just kidding.  It was no surprise at all that 'Baila el Chiki Chiki' was going to win.  Caza Azul was good but I thought Coral was excellent on stage in the final.  This is another song to add to the joke/gimmick/novelty songs this year.  Eurovision has always had novelty songs almost every year but this year there are so many!!!  How will Spain do in Belgrade?  I may be wrong but I think pretty badly!!!  Its a terrible song and it make Dustin's song look like a masterpiece.  I feel sorry for the singers/composers who went through the selection process in Spain to be beaten by this one!

Armenia , on the other hand, has chosen a good song to send to Belgrade.  'Qele Qele' is a strong song and Sirusho put on a strong performance of the song in the final .  HOWEVER,she was miming and I still have to hear her sing this song live.  So, it is a great song and it has the potential to do really well, in my opinion, in Belgrade but I weant to hear her sing it LIVE.  Does she know she will not be able to mime in Belgrade?

And finally, Montenegro.  Oh dear.  This better not be Stefan's stage performance in Belgrade as it was appalling.  The song is average on first hearing and forgotten soon afterwards.  It's better than 2007 but that would not have been difficult.  I wonder will it be sung in English in Belgrade?  This one was a disappointment for me.

And , as a footnote, Carola did NOT get to the MF Final!  I'm sure she must think that she is dreaming and it's still only Friday.  Sanna will not be happy with Sibel getting through as this may take votes away from her as its also a strong ballad, but overall, it has the makings of a good Swedish final and, despite Charlotte Pirelli taking part, I dont think that the result is a foregone conclusion by any means!

Hopefully Belgium, Portugal and Russia can choose some good songs for Belgrade tomorrow (or is that tonight??)

Time for bed!!


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Qele Qele

Can't believe you just wrote the words 'Dustin's song' and 'masterpiece' in the same sentence. And the number of jokey/performance acts this year is astonishing.

I too was puzzled that the delectable Armenian singer of 'Qele Qele' was miming. They won't be able to reproduce those complex vocal harmonies live.

And then there's Spain. The two chubby birds mock-humping will stay with me forever. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

Night Night!

Not a good night for Eurovision selection! All 3 songs leave much to be desired, and I don't see any of them making top 10. As a whole, this year's Eurovision contest will not have as good songs as the last two years.

There are, however, some "good" songs, that I'm sure will make top 10: Switzerland, Ireland, Ukrain, Greece, Turkey and Azerbaijan (and whatever Sweeden picks). I also hope Slovenia does well, but I'm less certain about that.

Turkey, Poland, Switzerland for me

I agree with most of your favourites but I think Poland is also in with a shout. Switzerland is classy and looks as if it will be performed well live but I just have this nagging doubt that we've heard it all before? And those frantic dancers?

I'm quite keen on Turkey. I can't work out whether the video on Youtube is a genuine 'live' recording. If so, these guys could do VERY well.

Re: Turkey, Poland, Switzerland for me


The video on Youtube of Turkey's entry is not genuine live, but that group is very good at live shows so I'm not worried.

Richard Glasgow

They say pop will eat itself well the eurovision certainly is starting to. Novelty songs in the past , on the whole, had a degree of innocence about them. Now we are just appealing to the lowest common denominator. last nights result in spain was another nail in he coffin. Take tomatoes and eggs with you this year as some acts really deserve it. Ironically Ireland , Spain and Estonia are the main culprits. This year we have on the whole : novelty , very poor schlager like pop (I mean get real internet posters who think iceland is good fair) and ethnic nonsense. Be prepared to either go back to Serbia or off to Russia in the worst contest in living memory.
Ps just wait till Sweden picks more shclager nonsense in charlotte...it wont win, the eastern europeans just dont get it.

I feel sorry for nuestros hermanos...Spanish people really love Eurovision but it seems TVE is eager to destroy that support...It was a dreadful show...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for us here in Lisbon today( we can't do worse than el Chiki)...And I agree with you Dustin is way better than el Chiki...I just hope all these crap entries either get stucked in the semis or else that they are drawn to each other allowing real music to get the top5...

As for Carola I didn't watch the Andra Chansen but it was a bad song, bad performance and the kind of act that only get togehter because victory is a sure deal...So glad to know Swedes still vote for music!


Re: Spain

I think the problem with Spain this and last year is not lack of good entries in the finlas. There has been good songs and performers to choose from. The problem is that the televoters manage to pick the wrong songs. I don't blame TVE. There was a rival TV station that heavily promoted the Chiki Chiki song, just to be spoiler, and succeeded.

Spain vs. Ireland

Dear Peter if you escuse me, I´d like to borrow some of your phrases and add to them a few changes. "How will Spain/IRELAND do in Belgrade? I may be wrong but I think pretty badly!!! BOTH ARE YOU TERRIBLE SONGS and BY NO MEANS SPAIN´S CHOICE MAKES Dustin's song look like a masterpiece. I feel sorry for the singers/composers who went through the selection process in IRELAND to be beaten by this one!"

re: Montenegrin entry


They have really nice singers, with good voices - but their songs must be the worst in Europe after the 2007 disaster & now this..

What a shame! really I can not understand why they stick to the old Yugoslavian boring pop-rock from the 80's. They haven't moved an inch since 25 years ago! Amazing!

And - it's the first time since Yugoslavia broke up I dislike ALL ex-yugo songs!! all 6 (or maybe 7? 8?) entries are for me an example of bad taste, boring, unimaginative, dire attitude over there; Do you think it has something to do with the fact it's in their courtyard for the first time after 18 years? You would think they would give a better effort. But no - exactly he opposite happened.

Poor Yugoslavia!

www.eurofriends.com ¦united kingdom

Spain vs Ireland

I think the distinction has to be made between "good" novelty songs and those that are just pathetic. The Spanish entry is appalling. The singer is not funny (which is the supposition for the entry), its a dreadful song. I think its the worst Eurovision entry I've seen for a long time.
Regarding Ireland, the distinction is that although its being sung by a childrens puppet, it has a catchy beat that people can dance to, the public DO love it (its being played in many clubs in Ireland now) and maybe if the title sticks in peoples minds, it could do very well. Although its not a masterpiece, it doesn't need to be to win Eurovision.

As for the other Irish entries, Donal Skeahan can't sing or dance. The song itself was excellent so congratulations to the songwriters but they should have got someone who could sing or dance. Maya, Marc Roberts, and the guy from Mayo (forgotten his name!) have good voices, but their songs were instantly forgettable and wouldn't have got past the semis. That leaves Leona Lewis, and I felt very sorry for her. Amazing voice, excellent song, I hope someone signs her up for a recording contract, she would have done well in Eurovision; however hers was the ONLY other entry from Ireland that would have had any impact.
But Dustin will do well because his "novelty" song is actually impressive!

Finally, who does everyone think will win the Swedish Melodifestavalen? Charlotte Pirrellis is excellent: her voice, her performance, and the song is excellent and is typical Eurovision... however the BWO song is very infectious on first listening and could do very well?

Re: Spain vs Ireland

Do you happen to know that in Spain Baila el chiki chiki is also a night chub hit? The public there DO LOVE IT.
Regarding the Irish puppet song, which is said to be loved by the Irish, it is a matter of Irish taste. If you happen to think it´s impressive, that´s not up tp me to disagree. Just wait and see what the REST OF EUROPE IS GOING TO SAY ABOUT IT.
Now, my question was not answered: did anybody asked Donal/Maya/Leona/Liam/Marc how does it feel to be beaten by a puppet?

Re: Spain vs Ireland

Firstly I'm not Irish, just making the observation that the more you listen to the Irish song, the more likable it becomes, but you're right, lets see what Europe thinks..
Secondly I'd imagine the other Irish contestants are hugely annoyed especially with all the media exposure Dustin got. Marc Roberts said he wouldn't have entered if he'd known he'd be up against the puppet. However only Leona and Dustin's entries would stand a chance in Eurovision (Donals song was great but he can't sing or dance) and therefore the public were right to pick either Leona or Dustin

Re: Spain vs Ireland

Are you sure you meant to say 'chub'? I thought this was a fish but then checked the definition on Wikipedia. Maybe you were right first time!

Re: Spain vs Ireland

Sorry, I meant club.

Leona Lewis v Leona Daly

My message above should have said Leona Daly instead of Leona Lewis! Except Leona Daly is a much better performer!


spain are they serious with this drival.mind you its still better than the crap My country have sent The United Kingdom (who i have last)
Lets hope it's Valetta or Dublin in 2009

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