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Songs from Spain, Armenia and Montenegro

3 more Eurovision entries to add to the list tonight.

And what a shock in Spain!!  Just kidding.  It was no surprise at all that 'Baila el Chiki Chiki' was going to win.  Caza Azul was good but I thought Coral was excellent on stage in the final.  This is another song to add to the joke/gimmick/novelty songs this year.  Eurovision has always had novelty songs almost every year but this year there are so many!!!  How will Spain do in Belgrade?  I may be wrong but I think pretty badly!!!  Its a terrible song and it make Dustin's song look like a masterpiece.  I feel sorry for the singers/composers who went through the selection process in Spain to be beaten by this one!

Armenia , on the other hand, has chosen a good song to send to Belgrade.  'Qele Qele' is a strong song and Sirusho put on a strong performance of the song in the final .  HOWEVER,she was miming and I still have to hear her sing this song live.  So, it is a great song and it has the potential to do really well, in my opinion, in Belgrade but I weant to hear her sing it LIVE.  Does she know she will not be able to mime in Belgrade?

And finally, Montenegro.  Oh dear.  This better not be Stefan's stage performance in Belgrade as it was appalling.  The song is average on first hearing and forgotten soon afterwards.  It's better than 2007 but that would not have been difficult.  I wonder will it be sung in English in Belgrade?  This one was a disappointment for me.

And , as a footnote, Carola did NOT get to the MF Final!  I'm sure she must think that she is dreaming and it's still only Friday.  Sanna will not be happy with Sibel getting through as this may take votes away from her as its also a strong ballad, but overall, it has the makings of a good Swedish final and, despite Charlotte Pirelli taking part, I dont think that the result is a foregone conclusion by any means!

Hopefully Belgium, Portugal and Russia can choose some good songs for Belgrade tomorrow (or is that tonight??)

Time for bed!!



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