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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Norway, Malta and Andorra
Keith Mills

OK the next three songs, all viewed on the screens in the press area (I still haven't found the energy for the trek up to the area).

NORWAY : It's very slick, Guri is in good voice, and the three costumes (brown, orange and gold to finish) are a nice idea. I haven't changed my mind of the song, which I think is unoriginal and very montonous. I think it may appeal to middle aged people in the west and north of Europe, but will struggle for votes after that. Someone said at the press conference that with this and Portugal coming so close together in the running order was like two women turning up at a party with the same dress. I have a strong feeling that as neither one is clearly better than they other they could neutralise each other and neither one goes through. Chance of qualifying : 25%

: This is a kitchen sink performance, in other words, throw everything you can on stage and hope that it's enough to have people remember it. The presentation is totally Oriental and Olivia is wearing a predominently yellow kimono and sings very well, even if I think she's holding a little back. She's finding the cameras well, which is more than some people are doing today. The guy that hits the bong is missing his timing occasionally, and I'm not sure why the camera is showing a lot more of him, than the other guy on the violin who is far better looking. I still think that the waving stuff in the air looks wrong, but the backdrop is absolutely amazing. Coming after three other female vocalists isn't helping and Andorra coming after it is also a problem, but if only one of Portugal, Macedonia, Norway or Malta gets through, then I think it should be Malta.  Chance of qualifying : 45%

ANDORRA : This was just as good as before. The bass player (who looks a little like Marija Serifovic's little brother)  seems to want to get into shot at every available opportunity. There are some dodgy camera shots but otherwise it's energetic , striking and very well performed with a minimum of choreography. The break is especially effect as lead singer Nicky really gets the message of the song across. People are now seeing this as a serious contender, and a virtually certain finalist. Chance of qualifying : 80%

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Hmm, this wasn't on my predicted-to-qualify list before (but I always thought that there was maybe a 50% chance that it could), but since they sound good live then I think I'll have to add them to my list.

"Andorra...Change of qualifying: 80%"


"Andorra...Change of qualifying: 80%"

Yep, it's still there! :) I WANT to believe that, I love the song, but...it's still kinda hard to believe. So it's getting plenty of support from a variety of countries there, then? I can see it getting plenty from Spain and a few other western European countries, but is it getting support from central and eastern Europe too? It may need to get to the final.


That`s great - I just love the andorran entry and hope it may even win the contest ? Why not, only a few people expected Lordi to win too and I think these guys are even better !

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