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The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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They Think it's Moldova......... It is Now!!!!!!!
Well folks that is Eurovision done for another year. As Pasha and his Moldovian dancers minced off the stage last night, we had seen the last performnace. No more rehearsals, no more press conferences - just an interval act, some (mostly predictable) voting and a great winner and reprise for Loreen and Euphoria!!!! I am delighted to be heading to Sweden. It will be my 6th contest in a 6th different country and i am already excited. There were people at the airport booking up hotels in Sweden already.

I do hope our esteemed editor and chief Keith Mills will change his mind about not coming, nearer the time. I will be there with bells on and I reckon the thought of leaving his website in the hands of Andrew Main and myself might override the one of disappointment in going to Sweden next year.

Again I apologise to the people of this blog for my terrible prediction success but as I have said before I am merely a fan not an expert. Of the 14 countries I predicted could share the top 10 spots I got 8 of them correct which looks pretty decent until you see that the 6 i never got were nowhere near - UK Iceland Ireland Cyprus Ukraine and Romania. Never go to the bookies on my say so.

I am now checked in at the Travel Lodge at Heathrow with the final leg of the journey home tomorrow - bliss. I will leave you with a little annecdote of my flight from Baku to Istanbul!!!
You know you are living the high life when you have to scoot past Zeljko Joksimovic on the plane to get to the toilet in a hurry only to find Kaliopi waiting to get in when you are finished."Elaine Dove - seat warmer for the stars at 35000ft!!!!"

Thankyou all and see you in Sweden 2013 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Well just like Keith I wasn't pleased in the way the Swedish 'victory' was handled by EBU - it is very clear some heavy manipulations were involved here (just a quick look at the voting chart tells a pretty tale) - but the fact is that only Sweden really wanted to win, and only Sweden at the moment have the money to put into it - and that's that!

So let them have their contest, and just like Azerbaijan this get it out of their system for the next 10 years or so.

I don't think Keith should abandon his site and refuse to take the journey to Stockholm next year. I like AKOF very much and like to see / read your views in the blog or video (actually: more debate/briefing video's would be welcomed!)

So Keith: you have about 10 months to calm yourself down and get your tickets to the 2013 contest - wherever it be, even on the moon mate!! Do your job! :-)) lol

Regarding Loreen: to be fair she is better then her song. The song itself is nothing but a medium sized dance-trance track we have in abundance all over the charts. Nothing special. But SHE is rather special and I hope she will produce even better songs in the future. It always amazes me how last year she had the best song in melodi 'My Heart Is Refusing Me' and no one even looked at her (but me!) and the Swedes did not even put her in the final! the idiots.
I was going through chat site and comment boxes asking everybody "why is no one talking about Loreen and her great song?" - but no one would answer me. No one!

And suddenly she is 'fan Favorited'.

Keith is right: he couldn't see the attraction of this track and nor did I. But we were in a very small minority.

I also think the placings of all Top-7 were carefully per-arranged. I just can't believe that Azerbaijan and Turkey got so many points. I am equally baffled by the Estonian success - such a boring song & singer! But I am happy at least Serbia, Albania & Macedonia did well.

And there's your answer right at the end "But we were in a very small minority". Lets just leave the conspiracy theories at home. If you think the EBU can manipulate a televote across Europe or just plain fix the results you need to sit back and give things a rest for a while.

For your love of Macedonia and Serbia, I hated those songs and I loved Estonia that you hated. Just accept that with millions of people voting your always going to get songs in the Top 10 that you don't like and you do like. I also didn't like Turkey and was ambivalent about Azerbaijan.

Even if ESC is no longer news stuff, your question shouldn't remain unreplied.

As I see it, the reason why Sweden was so popular is:
1. It is a catchy song (at least the refrain)
2. It is fairly contemporary (you could argue about that, but everything is relative as they say)
3. It is not a copy of the past years winners
4. Loreen has a strong voice, if not particularly pretty, and can hit the notes, unlike some others (and I am NOT trying to offend neither British nor Irish or any other readers here)
5. The choreography could be regarded as somewhat "artistic". Not just a bunch of dancers or acrobats gathered for teh occasition.
6. It is a rather understated performance (less is more), but it tells you a story. Almost like a short ballet. Loreen sits on her own in darkness and snow, and in the end the male dancer enters and gives her "Euphoria" (well not that explicit, but metaphorically.....)

All in all it goty what it takes to appeal to both viewers and juries.

I think the Iriswh delegation did a great job this year. The scenography and the costumes were splendid. But you forgot some of the points mentioned above. Especially regarding the voices, the artistic appeal and the jury appeal.
The Jedwards - as much as they have set their mark on ESC - will never be able to win ESC for Ireland. They are fun and entertaining, absolutely - and they made ESC 2011 and 2012 something to remember - but it takes more to win.
And if they were representing Denmark, Belgium or Austria instead of Ireland I think most of you would agree with me on that. We all think they would be fun to have in our group, but we wouldn't choose them as leaders....

At least that was one answer for you - hope it was someewhat usefull...

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