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The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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They Think it's Moldova......... It is Now!!!!!!!
Well folks that is Eurovision done for another year. As Pasha and his Moldovian dancers minced off the stage last night, we had seen the last performnace. No more rehearsals, no more press conferences - just an interval act, some (mostly predictable) voting and a great winner and reprise for Loreen and Euphoria!!!! I am delighted to be heading to Sweden. It will be my 6th contest in a 6th different country and i am already excited. There were people at the airport booking up hotels in Sweden already.

I do hope our esteemed editor and chief Keith Mills will change his mind about not coming, nearer the time. I will be there with bells on and I reckon the thought of leaving his website in the hands of Andrew Main and myself might override the one of disappointment in going to Sweden next year.

Again I apologise to the people of this blog for my terrible prediction success but as I have said before I am merely a fan not an expert. Of the 14 countries I predicted could share the top 10 spots I got 8 of them correct which looks pretty decent until you see that the 6 i never got were nowhere near - UK Iceland Ireland Cyprus Ukraine and Romania. Never go to the bookies on my say so.

I am now checked in at the Travel Lodge at Heathrow with the final leg of the journey home tomorrow - bliss. I will leave you with a little annecdote of my flight from Baku to Istanbul!!!
You know you are living the high life when you have to scoot past Zeljko Joksimovic on the plane to get to the toilet in a hurry only to find Kaliopi waiting to get in when you are finished."Elaine Dove - seat warmer for the stars at 35000ft!!!!"

Thankyou all and see you in Sweden 2013 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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LOL. Love the final annecdote. Priceless. Thank you for the wonderful work this past two weeks, you were great, again. Wouldn't worry about the predictions, a lot of people had those countries as doing better than they did.
Hoping Keith changes his mind maybe if it's Gothenberg or Malmo he might? Mind you Buenos Aires is an amazing city so he may be tempted to just stay away. Hope not. You guys are part of the whole process for so many so I hope he rethinks. Okay, glad you got back safely and best of luck on your onward journey. It's been a blast so Thank You once again. Keep popping up when you get a chance as it's always great to come on here and see what you guys are up to. Cheers. Martin McGuinness xxx

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