akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

So the fan favourite wins for a change, Sweden win Eurovision.

So it was in the end a bit of a romp to victory for Loreen from Sweden.
I am delighted as I love the song and love Stockholm where we will most
likely end up next year.
Keith has already departed for the airport and I am waiting to depart.

In the meantime how did my predictions do?

1: U.K.   16-20th Finished 25th, a poor result.
2: Hungary 21-26th Finished 24th so spot on.
3: Albania 11-15th A great result for Albania finishing 5th
4: Lithuania 21-26th Finished 14th so also better than expected result. 
5: Bosnia-Herzegovina 21-26th Finished 18th
6: Russia 1-5th Finished 2nd so spot on here.
7: Iceland 16-20th Finished in 20th so just spot on.
8: Cyprus 6-10th Finished 16th which was so unfair.
9: France 21-26th Finished 22nd which is spot on.
10: Italy 1-5th Finished 9th slightly disappointing.
11: Estonia 11-15th Finished 6th which is a great result.
12: Norway 16-20th Finished 26th a very poor result on Tooji's birthday

13: Azerbaijan 6-10th Finished 4th which is a good result for the hosts.
14: Romania 11-15th Finished 12th which is spot on again.
15: Denmark 16-20th Finished 23rd so a big disappointment here.
16: Greece 21-26th Finished 17th which is better than I thought it deserved.
17: Sweden 1-5th Finished on the top spot and was a runaway winner. 
18: Turkey 16-20th Finished 7th another good finish for Turkey.
19: Spain1-5th Finished 10th a little bit lower than I would have hoped.
20: Germany 21-26th Finished 8th another top 10 now 3 in a row.
21: Malta 6-10th Finished 21st a really sad finish for a great song.
22: Macedonia 6-10th Finished 13th slightly lower than I wished it to do.

23: Ireland 6-10th Finished 20th a huge disappointment for Ireland.
24: Serbia 1-5th Finished 3rd so spot on here.
25: Ukraine 11-15th Finished 16th so just missed this by 1 place.
26: Moldova 11-15th Finished 11th so spot on.

So I got 8 countries positions correct and a few more were just outside
my suggestion either up or down.

No waiting at airport with Elaine and some of the rest of the gang
ready to board  our first flight to Istanbul.

Cheers Andrew
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Hi Andrew - you, Keith and Elaine were great again this year. An absolute delight to follow the blog, thanks for all the work!!
A huge thanks to You Elaine and Keith for doing such a wonderful job again. I managed 8/10 in the top 10 so happy enough (Turkey did not deserve their top 10 finish and Russia though cute was poorly sung) Great to see the rest of the Top 10 were decent songs and good singers so at last some reward. Had hoped for Italy and Spain to be higher but is fine. Keith may not be doing it next year as he's been to Sweden already but maybe if they host it in Malmo or Gothenberg he might rethink. Would be awful not having you guys next year. Anyways. Hope you all have safe trip back and once again a massive thanks for all your hard work. Cheers.

Thank you, AKOE team

Gabriela Craciunescu

May 27 2012, 12:48:38 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  May 27 2012, 15:44:37 UTC

As always,come the month of May, I enjoy reading your blog. I was a little bit afraid that the European crisis might stop you guys from doing this amazing work that ensures us that music goes on, Europe goes on, no matter what. Keith, I thought after the first semifinal that the Jedwards could win. Unfortunately in the final they were sandwiched between great voices and lost their impact. I want to thank you, Elaine, Andrew and especially Keith for being the soul of Eurovision. This year's winner was amazing, though a little bit scary and dark, but this is how love feels. We are not too comfortable being "high" as in the back of our mind we know there is a price to pay for happiness. Yet we take the risk and allow ourselves to be swept off our feet. The song and its staging captured brilliantly this feeling.
Thank you dear team, keep up the good work, can't wait to read you next May. Lots of love to you and Ireland.
Go raibh mile maith agat as always for the grand coverage Andrew, Elaine and Keith.
"Cyprus 6-10th Finished 16th which was so unfair." I know, how on earth she got any points at all with a voice like that is beyond me.
Absolutely! But I must say I'm surprised. It took me quite a time to warm to 'Euphoria' and I was sceptical about whether Europe, especially eastern Europe, would 'get' it on first hearing. Obviously plenty of people did, and I'm happy to have been proved wrong :-)
I was another person who took a long time to warm to Euphoria.

In fact when it won the MF I thought it was a pile of pretentious rubbish although I did like the hook in the chorus. But over the few months since then it was the one song I kept coming back to, until I realised that I actually really liked it.

I think it's a good winner for Eurovision and has the potentially to a commercially successful winner which can only be good for the contest.
Thank you all for all the effort and talent you put in. I don't always agree with you, but that's not the point - you've been a godsend to me and countless other absentee fans this last fortnight. Have a safe flight back :-)