akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

The final countdown - Keith

I’ m back in the Press Area for the last time, before heading into the Arena. I’ve had a lovely relaxed day seeing the city and soaking up all that Baku has to offer for the last time, before heading into the Crystal Hall for tonight’s final.

If you’re wondering what’s creating a buzz here, it’s probably Russia and (to a lesser extent) Spain. The fact that Israel votes last suggest to some people that Russia may be a close winner. I wouldn’t be hugely impressed with either, but at this stage my personal preferences have nothing to do with it. The buzz that was around Italy earlier in the week has slightly subsided, along with the early hype on Sweden. People are still wondering what the major issue with Sweden and Romania’s performances in the Jury Final are going to have on their chances.

Because my taxi pick-up is 7am for a 10am flight, I’m probably going to have to forego the Winners’ Press Conference and certainly the After Show party. I hope to get to put a reaction blog online before heading home and  I will try to write a report on the contest on the way home.


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