akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

Review of Dress reahearsal for final by Andrew.

Watched the songs all the way through in the Arena and felt it was a great selection
of songs and lots of variation and contrasts in the running order.
UK was really good today vocally but I dont think the draw does it any favours.
Hungary is a good contrast to the UK but its a bad draw on so early
Albania is simply stunning and stands out big time.
Lithuania is great vocally and the disco part helps it stand out a bit.
Bosnia is a lovely song but fear it could get a bit lost in the mix.
Russia stands out a mile, so cute and endearing on camera.
Iceland is a good contrast after Russia, a strong performance.
Cyprus is a great confident performance, and stands out as the first decent uptempo.
France started badly on the first note and proves to be too messy, Cyprus before kills this off.
Italy stands out after France and is very upbeat and sung well, Nina in blue hairpiece.
Estonia WOW this was stunning, total contrast to Italy and coud do very well.
Norway started with a malfunction when one dancer lost all his battery pack etc on the flips  
and it was off vocally, I think it has no chance of doing well.
Then we had a break which isnt such a good thing for Azerbaijan. However the performance
is stunning both vocally and visually. A strong contender.
Romania sounded fine today but I dont see it doing really well.
Denmark was a refreshing change down in tempo and is a bright song.
Greece is very busy performance with a nice beat and ok vocals today.
Sweden was a fab performance and could win from this position.
Another ad break does Turkey no favours. But it was a good bouncy performance.
Spain WOW I was in tears at the end of this. Big stand out now for Spain, could win.
Germany is still good but is now lost after a stunning Spain song.
Malta is standing out after Germany a good contrast.
Macedonia is fab , this could do really well too.
Ireland was a great competent performance with no water.
Serbia was simply fab too another serious contender.
Ukraine was another great stand out song and may get the late uptempo votes.
Moldova  was good really love the simple routine.
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