akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

Reactions to the result from Andrew

Well I did not do so well tonight only getting 7/10 , Slovenia failing was the big surprise for me.
Also I felt Georgia would make it but it was crazy so fair enough. Poor Joan from the Netherlands.
I thought its charm would appeal to enough voters to qualify, but sadly the Dutch fail to make the final
now for the last 8 years. Well done to Malta who deserved the place and to Macedonia who were delighted.
Finally I did think Lithuania could go through but did not have the guts to pick it.

Keith is rolling bloggin the draw while I am in the press conference hall for the draw and to take some pics.

After that we will head off to Euroclub for the after show party and the free beer.
Tomorrow hope to have the morning free then head into Press centre for the big 5 conferences.
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