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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Thursday in Baku.
Keith SP

I’m back in the Press Area after a day off to explore the city, do some shopping (Eurovision visitors get 15% discount in many shops) and generally chill out, in preparation for tonight’s second semi-final. It was a great opportunity to escape the Eurovision bubble and totally play the tourist. Baku is a fantastic city and probably the prettiest Eurovision host city, that I’ve ever been to. I’d come back in a flash if it was affordable.

It didn't stop me picking up two interesting rumours; the firstr being that Sweden wasn't in the Top 3 in the Jury Final last night and the second is that Belarus are buying votes, in that they are hiring companies in countries with low televote numbers to block vote for Belaus. I have no idea how true either of these rumours are, as you pick up a lot nonsensical fluff at Eurovision.

The same ten jounalists (reprobates) gathered in the City Café for the second “Napkin of Death” this evening. The same format as before, each person puts the name of the ten countries that they predict to qualify on a napkin and throw in one Manat. The person with the most correct predictions wins.  

Tonight’s results;

10 predictions (on everyone’s list)

9 predictions
Estonia (I was the only exception)

7 predictions

6 predictions

5 predictions


4 predictions

3 predictions

2 predictions

1 prediction
Portugal (I’m on my own on this one)

0 predictions

I’m going into the Arena tonight and coming out to blog and tweet the draw live.

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Thank you for supporting Portugal, you have always been far too kind with our country. Hope we can qualify, I still believe! :)

Hard to predict this.
Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Ukraine, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Estonia, Norway and maybe Portugal (although I wouldn't rule out Georgia).

8/10 - Not that bad. I really didn't think Bosnia would get through and I forgot about Lithuania although I still wouldn't have predicted them.

Thank you for your support! Were you the only one to carry a portuguese flag in the arena?

greetings from Portugal

Our flag suits you very well as you know :)

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