akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

Semi Final 2 predictions from Andrew

Well after getting 10 out of 10 right in Semi 1 you will all be waiting with baited breath
to stake all your money on my 10 for tonight.
We met up at City Cafe for another napkin of death and there are 10 manats to the winner.
I found it a lot more difficult to call mine this time round and agree with Keith that I think
the standard of performances overall is poorer that Semi 1 hence the difficulty in calling
my last 2. I had to find 2 countries from at least 5 or 6.
My 8 certainties were
All of these had 100% votes in the Napkin of Death.
Then I have 

Then I had to choose 2 more from Belarus, Portugal,Bosnia,Lithuania,Macedonia and Georgia.
After lots of deliberation I have gone for
because the Balkan votes will help it and its performed well.
And finally
even though its mad as a box of frogs and is way OTT performance wise
Anri does sing it well and it will pick up just enough Eastern votes to get through.

So will I get all 10 right? Hardly anyone put Bosnia in so if they come out I will be hopeful.
Nobody has ever managed 20/20 in this since we introcuded the 2 Semi format.

I had a night off last night from the Arena and went out with some of the lads
for a bit of partying and one of them suggested the vodka shots at 1 manat were
a bargain, they sure were, but god my head hurt this morning after getting home at 6am.
I was not the only one judging by a few others at dinner tonight.

I will go to  winners press conference after the show to get some pics and to gauge the
feel of the reactions. Enjoy the show folks and may the best songs win.
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