akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

A joint UK/Ireland meeting and my thoughts on the dress rehearsal by Andrew.

Another late night at Euroclub meant another short sleep, so am a little bit tired today.
I got up and went for lunch with Keith before heading over to the Hilton for a 
press conference for Englebert meets Jeward. A small gathering of international
as well as UK/Irish press were present. The interaction between them was fun and casual
and I managed to get a few photos which are on the Photostream.

Went into the arena with Elaine to watch the 1st dress rehearsal of Semi Final 2.
There were quite a lot of technical problems during the run through with timing and cameras.
Also a major malfuntion of props at Bosnia, camera angles of Maya  on close up had her
face cut in half by the raised piano lid. 

Rather than go over each performance individually I will only mention my highlights
and lowlights.The best performances were from Serbia,Macedonia,Portugal,Slovenia
and Lithuania. Netherlands, Malta, Ukraine, Sweden, Turkey and Estonia were adequate.
Bulgaria was awful, Georgia was a mess but proably could qualify, Slovakia was just a noise.
Belarus, Croatia, Norway and Bosnia were all rather underwhelming.
Overall I always considered this the stronger Semi Final but now think not.
Tuesdays show was great but I was a bit underwhelmed with this one, possibly a 
combination of tiredness and the technical issues.
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