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The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Semi 2 first rehearsal from Arena
Well this rehearsal was far from a good one. It went kinda how I expected the first semi rehearsal to go, but it in comparison to this was brilliant. There were sound issues, time issues, props issues not to mention some dodgy vocal performances. As we always say, this is what rehearsals are for and hopefully these will all be ironed out tonight for the jury final. In a big plus point - it did start on time.
Serbia was great and faultless as usual. Should sail into the final.
Kaliopi for Macedonia is brilliant but this song still does not appeal to a big demographic i feel. It does however have some voting friends in it's semi so it could qualify.
I thought Joan looked great and is having more and more fun in her performances for The Netherlands - she got a great reception in the hall.
Kurt from Malta was as good as he always is but for the first time i found myself questioning whether it can qualify and i cant put my finger on the reason.
Belarus had 2 false starts which obviously threw Dmitry a little as his vocals were off in bits but it still looks a great stage show and they are all very pleasing on the eye. This has gone back up for me as a possible qualifier.
Portugal was great and she sings beautifully. For the first time i saw it as a possibly qualifier but I feel only because Belarus was so messy this time around.
I thought Gaitana did a great job for Ukraine but have been told that it did not come across well in the press centre. She should still qualify with ease.
Bulgaria is just all wrong for me - she carries a great vocal but why oh why oh why in a dance song would you have 1 solo singer standing still on a stage - is this irony????
Slovenia was stunning in the hall - goosebumps for me and walked all over Croatia that came after it in my opinion.
Loreen was fab for Sweden - her face is much clearer and in focus nwo during the first part of the song and the snow looks great on screen. Great dance track and should sail into the final along with Turkey on their boat. Fabulous stage show from them.
Ott from Estonia still brings goosebumps in the hall but is still playing around with the melody. This is quite risky as we have no idea what he will do on the night. Hopefully he does, as with a confident performance he could do really really well.
Georgia is as flambouyant as ever. Wild wacky and totally bonkers but I love it and don't underestimate just how good a singer Anri is. This is still qualifying for me.
Slovakia just seems to be a screech from 2 minutes in. I know there is a space out there for this type of rock music and Max really gives the performance 100%. I just don't see it as a Eurovision song.
I felt Tooji underperformed vocally today and it looked really messy in the hall but again this opinion seemed to differ in the press centre. This still could be the shock non qualifier for me but you know what happened when i left out Denmark!!!
There was a bad camera shot for Bosnia and Herzegovina. We believe the piano lid is meant to be closed as it hid her face for the whole performance and was really distracting. I never felt that this song went anywhere.
Performing last in the semi final is Lithuani and still could be the surprise qualifier I think. It is a great way to end the show with the upbeat disco part of the song and he is vocally great at the slow beginning part.

So when i decipher all this information in my head, I think my 10 qualifiers at present are

Serbia, Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Estonia, Georgia and Lithuania

the close run few are Macedonia, Malta and Norway and could still make an appearance in my top 10 after tonight's Jury Final.

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Don't bet all your money

I like your personal views, great not some people stand out. But I would never ever ever use your advice if I was a bookmaker. Your predictions in semifinal 2 is slightly better though.
I agree Georgia could surprise anyone with just a hint of musical taste, and go to the final due to friendly votes.

But it should be without any doubt at all that AT LEAST 3 of the ex-Yugoslavian countries (more likely all 5) goes to the final. They will for sure vote for eachother.

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