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Engelbert meets Jedward
Well after a late one (early one) last night and getting in at 7am I was on the airwaves to Scotland at 9.20am BST. I then headed off to the Hilton hotel to join the joint pressconference between the UK and Ireland as Engelbert Humperdinck caught up with Jedward.
It was a really fun informal press conference with Engelbert giving the boys advice on their career and the boys giving him advice on his hair. I managed to get a question in asking "With the big difference in final draw numbers and the big difference in age and experience what did they think would prevail on the night A big opening form an experienced legend ot a great late draw from 2 young lads with youthful energy. Jedward, ever the diplomats, said they felt that the draw number was not important and what was important was that they both gave good performances on the night and the votes would decide their fate. They also mentioned that they saw me dressed up as them last night :-)

I am now in the press centre. I will be in the arena for dress rehearsal 1 and will be blogging the jury final - dress rehearsal 2 from the press centre on a rolling blog. I  am about to update my own personal blog at and then join in a podcast with our friends from

Much looking forward to tonights run throughs


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