akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

Netherlands as seen by Keith

After two great performances to open the day, Netherlands is not quite up to the same standard. There's nothing much wrong here. It's vocally fine (although I might not have the backing singers so visible or so high in the mix) and we don't get to see the performance outfits on stage (although they were held up and it looks like the lead singer will be wearing a white jacket). The backdrop is rather anonymous and it suits the pleasant but rather bland performance. There are far too many steadycam shots for my liking.  It's a nice song, they perform it well and it it were performed in the last five songs then it could well qualify, but I fear it's not making enough impact to be remembered. I like to see this qualify but after this I'm not too optimistic.

The voting for the Accredited people in Dusseldorf has started.
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