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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Checking in one last time before the show.
Keith SP

In less that two hours I'll be watching the show live in the Arena and the atmosphere in the  PWA is electric. Thankfully everyone is as clueless as I am as to will win. I'm sticking by my Top 5 from yesterday and I'm now prepared to rank them;
1 : Greece (instant, memorable and coming after two ballads)
2 : Armenia (eye catching, diaspora and a late draw)
3 : Belgium (simple, pretty and "real")
4 : Turkey (diaspora and only real rock song)
5 : Spain (memorable and well performed).
The three that I think could cause an upset are Cyprus, Serbia and Georgia for different reasons.

Make sure you tune in in time for he really sweet opening and whether you're watching at home or at a party, enjoy the show.
Like Peter I'll be back in the PWA after the show but as I haven't brought my laptop, my blogging may be limited.




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Cyprus, Spain and Greece! What happened to the eastern bloc?
I'm on Denmark but would be pleased to see Spain, Belgium and Cyprus in that order following.But one of the women "belters" from the eastern bloc must surely be there - if only because of heighbour voting.


Eurovision 2010


Firstly, to you and the guys, well done on another fantastic job! The AKOE blog is now a must see in the run up to the ESC.

Also want to say all the best to Niamh and the team - would love nothing more than Dublin 2011!!

To all the fans across Europe and indeed the world - enjoy the show.


Re: Eurovision 2010

Yes.... Thank you for a great blog over the last two weeks... Enjoy the show tonight everyone and may the best song win!!!


Anyone interested? This is a dark horse in one of those years where anything can happen. I think it's a potential winner.

Re: Spain

I had it predicted to finish fifteenth, and that is exactly where it ended up. :)


Keith, big thanks my dear for all the good work... Enjoyed reading every letter that you wrote.... I hope Belgium wins !

Thank you

Keith and team,

Enjoy the show! Thank you for the wonderful updates, and of course, thank you for supporting the well deserved Cyprus entry.

Excellent job guys!

Everybody enjoy the Grand Final.
Regards from Los Angeles.

Once again thanks for your amazing blogging!..let the best song win


Well done lads!! thanks for all yer work, excellent as per usual!

I just don't know who will win I see Romania as my possibilty! I love Germany but can't see it lighting up the usual television watchers!

Keith, no way Serbia will win 12 points from ex-Yu countries now the juries are involved. If the voting is 50-50 there is no Croatian or Bosnian jury that will support the televoting opinion in these countries...

Best blog ever!

Portugal`s 12 points

Year after year people and the bloggers here keep saying we give our 12 points to spain.
You really need to check your facts:

1) last time we gave 12 to Spain was in 2004 in Istanbul and before that in 2003 but the ESC has changed dramatically since then;

2) from 2004 onwards we gave 12 points to Ukraine several times, to Romania and to Moldova- why? BECAUSE OF IMMIGRATION VOTING which outweighs the neighbor voting, and that is likely to happen again looking at the awful Spain entry this year - yet again.

We even give a round solid 0 to Spain in 2006!!!

They should get a 7 to 10 points at the most via jury vote but with that song no one will spend any money dialing their number specially if you look at all the great songs we have this year.

Our 12 should go to Ukraine yet again or to Romania if the televoting counted 100%, but with jury vote Iceland, Ireland and Israel will get some good points here too.

Re: Portugal`s 12 points

You must got it wrong. If you bother to read all the entries, you'll see Keith predicts our 12 points to Romenia.

Re: Portugal`s 12 points

and Portugal's 12 points went to... Spain!

Míle buíochas!

Thank you guys for the excellent reporting! I hope everyone in Oslo and all over Europe has a great evening!

Re: Míle buíochas!

Have a great night you three guys you so deserve it. I'll miss the great coverage when it's all over but you've been fantastic again, really wonderful.
Am going for Armenia, Greece, Belgium Top 3
Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Georgia, Turkey Top 10 and UK Bottom 5.
(No doubt Azerbaijan, Israel, Denmark may feature but wouldn't mind if they didn't)
Martin McGuinness

Re: Míle buíochas!

Have a great night you three guys you so deserve it. I'll miss the great coverage when it's all over but you've been fantastic again, really wonderful.
Am going for Armenia, Greece, Belgium Top 3
Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Israel, Georgia, Turkey Top 10 and UK Bottom 5.
(No doubt Azerbaijan, Israel, Denmark, Iceland & Germany will feature but wouldn't mind if they didn't)
Martin McGuinness

Thank you

Thanks for such great blogging yet again Keith! I think the top three will be Armenia, Portugal and Denmark, so fingers crossed for a nail biting result!!

First of all, I have to say that I have only correctly picked the winner one time (last year - that was a real toughie :) ), so that might give those who disagree with me hope. In my defense, though, I will say that twice I have picked as winners songs that beat the eventual winner in a/the semi-final, only to go on to lose the eventual winner in the final.

In a year where there are no dominant songs, it makes the most sense to me to go with the proven vote getters (the ones with large diaspora) - they will ALWAYS deliver the votes, while ordinary fans split theirs. There are only a couple of songs that really seem certain to pull in points from everywhere, and one of those has had millions of Euros spent on its behalf for promotion, so I am picking Azerbaijan as the winner this year.

A few other thoughts:

1. Watch the money. Just as people betting on elections are more accurate at predicting their outcomes than pollsters, Azerbaijan remains the betting favorite.

2. What's to stop Azerbaijan from blowing another million Euros on sim cards given to their sycophants to boost their totals?

3. With the contest so open, the songs I picked to do well seems like "safe" choices (which should minimize the chances of looking foolish :) ).

4. I absolutely can't stand the entry (the song itself is not so bad, but I am specifically referring to the choreography, performer, and promotion), so picking them as the winner will provide a small consolation if in fact they do win (though I do hope I am wrong).

As for the rest,

What I WANT:
01 Belgium
02 Romania
03 Germany
04 Denmark
05 Portugal
06 Serbia
07 France
08 Albania
09 Russia
10 Moldova
11 Turkey
12 Georgia
13 Ukraine
14 Armenia
15 Ireland
16 Belarus
17 Norway
18 Cyprus
19 Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 United Kingdom
21 Spain
22 Israel
23 Greece
24 Iceland
25 Azerbaijan

01 Azerbaijan
02 Armenia
03 Turkey
04 Greece
05 Belgium
06 Denmark
07 Germany
08 Serbia
09 Romania
10 Georgia
11 Ukraine
12 Portugal
13 Russia
14 Ireland
15 Spain
16 Cyprus
17 Israel
18 Albania
19 Norway
20 Bosnia and Herzegovina
21 Moldova
22 France
23 Iceland
24 Belarus
25 United Kingdom

Germany´s the most overrated song this year

I simply can´t find the reason why she´s so favourite along with Safura.

I even have a bet they´ll miss out on Top 10 with a backing they get 6th to 10th placejust to be on the safe side.

The song is relatively catchy but Lena is awful on camera-she´s gawky, can´t sing proper english and the dress of the rehearsals add to the terrible mix.

Televoters will run away from her at full speed and I can´t really see juries dishing out too many votes for this when we have Iceland, Ireland, Belgium, Cyprus, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Georgia na Portugal which all have songs right up the juries`alley.

Re: Germany´s the most overrated song this year

"I simply can´t find the reason why she´s so favourite along with Safura."

Uhm, because she WON!

"Televoters will run away from her at full speed"

BZZZZZZZZZZT. She clearly won the televote, and (considering Turkey was second) likely the juries, as well.

Spain will perform again

Spain will perform again due to the spontaneous. Now it's a really serious contender!

Re: Spain will perform again

Thanks Keith for 22 days
I am from Turkey

Spain will down, I think...

Re: Spain will perform again

If they perform it a 100 times it won't sound any good.


These are my predictions:
1. Germany 2. Turkey 3. Spain 4. Armenia 5. Azerbaijan 6. Greece 7. Denmark 8. Cyprus 9. France 10. Israel

Iceland may squeeze in. I don't get Belgium.
Although I want Cyprus to win, Germany or Turkey are the clear winners.
Regards from Los Angeles

Re: Predictions

congratulations Emilis,perfect prediction.

Re: Predictions

He got only six of the top ten. I didn't quite have the order right, but I got nine of the top ten.

Re: Predictions

Oh I am so glad UK finished last, it was simply dire and I'm also happy that Ireland finished bottom 5 too with another crap song.

Now finally, can we please take this seriously or get out of the competition.

I nearly had a great night having placed £80 on Romania at 50/1, would have been a super night.

Well done to Germany for winning. hated the song, hated the singer even more but thats what Europe wanted then its Germany 2011.

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