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Checking in one last time before the show.

In less that two hours I'll be watching the show live in the Arena and the atmosphere in the  PWA is electric. Thankfully everyone is as clueless as I am as to will win. I'm sticking by my Top 5 from yesterday and I'm now prepared to rank them;
1 : Greece (instant, memorable and coming after two ballads)
2 : Armenia (eye catching, diaspora and a late draw)
3 : Belgium (simple, pretty and "real")
4 : Turkey (diaspora and only real rock song)
5 : Spain (memorable and well performed).
The three that I think could cause an upset are Cyprus, Serbia and Georgia for different reasons.

Make sure you tune in in time for he really sweet opening and whether you're watching at home or at a party, enjoy the show.
Like Peter I'll be back in the PWA after the show but as I haven't brought my laptop, my blogging may be limited.




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