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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Niamh goes Sami
Keith SP
There's a great atmosphere in the Irish camp this year and a huge amount of Irish fans are in Oslo. I'll be taking some photos around the arena in the build-up to tomorrow night's show.

As I mentioned earlier, Niamh Kavanagh and the Irish delegation went on an "away day" to the Arctic Circle on Monday and apparently they had a great time. There was an NRK crew around so we may get to see some video of it.

Niamh and backing singer Nicki Kavanagh go native in lapland.

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Guys what reaction is the Irish song getting over there by Fan?

Do they think we can make it ?

Good reaction and Ireland can make it.

She mentioned this in her (all too brief) interview during BBC 3's coverage of the semi-final. She said she was particularly thrilled with the pom-poms on her ankles.


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