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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Today's slogan competition.....
Keith SP

Ive never touched a ginger b4!

Ive never touched a ginger b4!


Looks like Daniel is 'Sizing' up the competition ;)

'You may have frizzier hair but my boobs are much bigger!'

Vasken from London :o)

"You see, I won this competition before you even knew how to walk, love."

Slogan - not really

Niamh: "quick touch my breast , weirdo keeps eying me up"
Daniel: "visto bueno"

Morry From ireland

Look at his face

The tan guy in the background with the big smile. He likes what he is looking at a little too much..

God I'm glad we don't get a shot of his crotch lmao.

Niamh and Daniel are Epic, but this pic is just strange, what is he doing having a quick squeeze of her cleavage;

"There's something on your chest Niamh, let me brush it off"
"Love thats my boob, and rub all you wan't but It won't get any smaller"

Re: Look at his face

"Because my heart is yours !!!!!!!!"

"Ah, good, you do have a pulse. It's more than your song's got!"

Algo pequeñito

Daniel: -No, "Algo pequeñito" wasn't written for you and Hera....sorry

- "Ay Caramba Niamh, algo grandioso!"


Give me your heart
Is it all real?
You touched mine can I touch yours now ;)

Mammaries...like the corners of my mind...


"Have a feel of my right one Daniel, it's for you!"

He may not be from Finland, but his right hand is celebrating his Hard C__k Hallelujah.

While in Norway, shouldn't he be chasing some Fairy Tail?

The fact that Daniel doesn't speak English kinda limits the possible backstories for this picture... :P