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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Germany as seen by Keith
Keith SP

And yet another blue stage with a lot of flash lights. Lena has brought four backings singers with her which has really improved the sound, but the major problem is still Lena herself. She looks so uncomforable on stage, like someone who needs to find the bathroom and is rapidly running out of time, before there's a nasty accident. The sound is very bassy and rather plodding and while other countries have improved their pronounciation, Lena remains blissfully unaware of the assault she is waging on the English language. I really fell like hanging around for the press conference to ask "Are you going to record the song in English?". This is another song that is in MAJOR need of some charisma and again like the U.K., I fear this will be not make it to the left side of the scoreboard.

I really fell like hanging around for the press conference to ask "Are you going to record the song in English?".

Made my day :-) lol

Sing along everybody: "Laik ah sat-ah-lah-eeeet, What a pile a' shai-eeeeeet".

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oh keith please please please aks her. can't stand her pronounciation and i do hope she won't win the esc.

She won´t win the ESC (hello, she starts for Germany!), but i think the Songs, and of course Lena herself, deserves a good Place in the Final.
...And I like her sound of the english language. It sounds like English should sound. :-)

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It's Official Keith - We DON'T Agree

Well - As for your comments on the % Finalists we only agree on Spain. Again I have looked at the AKOE video for Lena and I have to say that I LOVE IT. She is like a little German Bjork. Yes she pronounces English with an unusual twang - Jesus so does half of Dublin or Nashville. She is totally charming, great vocal, like the backing singers, but just want some more dynamic lighting. But this is way better than Azerbijain or Armenia or Israel or Denmark. You are certainly off the mark Keith. Definitely not enough alcohol in you - those Oslo prices are to blame for your less than chipper comments

Re: It's Official Keith - We DON'T Agree

I agree with Keith, actually. Lena is the definition of charmLESS. Add smug, cocky and irritating, into the mix and you've pretty much got it. I can hardly bear to watch her.
She obviously THINKS she's Björk, but there's something missing that Björk has - oh, yes, that's it, TALENT.

Wide Open Contest

This is why I think Denmark still have a chance to walk away with the big prize. They have a song catchy enough that it will appeal immediately to people who are only tuning in to the final on Saturday. Just have to get that tall stick some charisma.

I reckon the contest is wide open and the biggest threats to Denmark (at least for me) are Azerbaijan, Romania, and Belgium who all seem to have their sh*t together. (Unless, of course, Safura throws herself down those steps...)

I don't like this song AND performance, at all, but I had understood that her badly pronunciated English was on purpose, and part of the song's charm for those who seemed to cherish it. Had I got it wrong?

Some say that she has a cockney accent. Is this true?

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oh dear oh dear oh dear

I actually like the song but could never understand why it was so short priced in the bookies and doing well in fan polls.

After this run through today it looks like Spain will do best of the Big 4, actually of the 5 finalist

OR are you being anti-German keith lol

Re: oh dear oh dear oh dear

That would be just fair, as spain is obviously the best of the quartet this year. By miles an miles.

Rehearsal on Youtube

I´ve just seen that Video on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM3JEdY1l5o) from the Rehearsal... It´s ok. Not as good as it can be, but not that bad as it will discuss here...

sink without trace

can't stand the song can't stand her, if ever there is a face that wants slapping, and could someone tell her to wash her hair. it probaly would improve if she sang in german. can't make it any worse. If this does well it could be the end of eurovsion and me

Re: sink without trace

It's so good to hear that I'm not alone . . .

And I am telling you.......

Belgium wins this edition.....

Re: gosh...

Can't there be any nice song to win this thing? We seem to go from bad to (so much) worse.

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This is easily the most divisive song the year.-

I absolutely love it (hated it at first), especially the preview video, but after seeing her perform live, I just don't think the has what it takes to put the "attitude" in the live performance (and sing, of course).

I will be pleasently surprised if this does well.

What do you has against Lenas accent

I totally disaggree with you. Lena uncomforable on stage? Are you kidding me? Okay and Peter Nalitsch from Rissia is a mastersinger? Why is the accent so important for you? Is it important for you when the other countries sings in English. Or is it important for you, because Lena is from germany? You are totally unfair against Lena. We will see what happened at the Final. And the irisch song is totally boring and old-fashioned and will miss the final.

Re: What do you has against Lenas accent

I think the blogger from AKOE are Anti-German.

Totally agree Keith
I can't stand her - we've got already one Björk, thank you - and this song - how can some people dismiss Lithuania and Finland because they are repetitive and then manage to love this?! it's the same 5 notes all over and over and over and over...
Awful, I can't stand it

pronunciation? who cares?

Nice advert on your site
flip flop flip flop

Re: pronunciation? who cares?

The German entry of Lena is TERRIBLE is any way, and form. Her voice is like barbwire, her prononsuation is like sort of cockney, and she tries to be quirky but she is not, it is al posed.
If this is the show she will present next week, it needs a lot and i mean A LOT more than she showed this afternoon.
Her voice was lame and her backings were taking over, and please quit that terrible accent, you can't speak cockney slang dear, and sing in normal English !

It's obvious you don't like this song. Otherwise you would have noticed that the accent is obviously fake and that the song is the only song in this year's contest that people will actually imagine being played on the radio and have a life beyond the contest. And i don't understand how could someone without charisma win a national final, let alone have such an impact on german charts. Lena doesn't have to flirt with the camera Evridiki-style to make an impact. The song is strong enough that it doesn't need extra gimmicks etc.

I love reading your blogging (been doing it for the past few years on an hourly basis during the eurovision week), it's a great source of information, but sometimes i have a feeling that you ignore the song itself and put all the emphasis on how the performer(s) interact(s) with the camera and not on the whole package.

Please don't hate me for commenting for the first time in 3, 4, 5 years (don't really remember how long i've been following you). :)

And yes, I do have a name. I'm David. From Slovenia. You don't have to feel sorry for me just because we don't know how to pick the right song. :)

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It's posts likes this that make me read your blog!
Keep up the good work.