May 26th, 2012

Keith SP

The final countdown - Keith

I’ m back in the Press Area for the last time, before heading into the Arena. I’ve had a lovely relaxed day seeing the city and soaking up all that Baku has to offer for the last time, before heading into the Crystal Hall for tonight’s final.

If you’re wondering what’s creating a buzz here, it’s probably Russia and (to a lesser extent) Spain. The fact that Israel votes last suggest to some people that Russia may be a close winner. I wouldn’t be hugely impressed with either, but at this stage my personal preferences have nothing to do with it. The buzz that was around Italy earlier in the week has slightly subsided, along with the early hype on Sweden. People are still wondering what the major issue with Sweden and Romania’s performances in the Jury Final are going to have on their chances.

Because my taxi pick-up is 7am for a 10am flight, I’m probably going to have to forego the Winners’ Press Conference and certainly the After Show party. I hope to get to put a reaction blog online before heading home and  I will try to write a report on the contest on the way home.

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My predictions for the Final results.

Had a lovely night and then day off from the whole Eurovision bubble.
Went for cocktails on top of the Hilton in the revolving 360 bar, the cocktail
list had a different cocktail for each country and I had a Sweden.
Some of the gang from OGAE UK were in attendance.
Then a final dinner in the.... yes you may have guessed... The City Cafe
on Fountain Square. Wonderful food and waiters , great atmosphere sitting
outside and cheap, its been a godsend for the whole 2 weeks.

Now in the Press Centre with just under 2 hours till show time.
One lovely thing I realised last night is that the shot of the Crystal Hall lit
up with the countrie flag is a live shot as I was looking out my bedroom window
just after midnight last night and saw the UK, Hungary, Albania and Lithuania
before I went out for drinks.

I am going to run through the running order and predict where on the scoreboard each country will finish.

1: U.K.   16-20th
2: Hungary 21-26th
3: Albania 11-15th
4: Lithuania 21-26th
5: Bosnia-Herzegovina 21-26th
6: Russia 1-5th
7: Iceland 16-20th
8: Cyprus 6-10th
9: France 21-26th
10: Italy 1-5th
11: Estonia 11-15th
12: Norway 16-20th

13: Azerbaijan 6-10th
14: Romania 11-15th
15: Denmark 16-20th
16: Greece 21-26th
17: Sweden 1-5th
18: Turkey 16-20th
19: Spain1-5th
20: Germany 21-26th
21: Malta 6-10th
22: Macedonia 6-10th

23: Ireland 6-10th
24: Serbia 1-5th
25: Ukraine 11-15th
26: Moldova 11-15th

I am sure some of this will be right and some totally wide of the mark,
its often the case but I would be surprised if the winner is not
among the ones I have selected for 1-10th on here.

Thanks once again for all the lovely comments and even the not so
lovely ones, all comments are always welcome.
Enjoy the show wherever you are watching and may the best song win.

I may stay for the winners press conference dependant on who wins
or I may head to the after show party at Euroclub.
I will blog my reactions either late tonight or more likely tomorrow.

Keith is the first of the team to fly home tomorrow around 10am and me
and Elaine around 2pm.

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