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All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Some Irish titbits

In case you haven't heard elsewhere, I can now confierm who will call in the Irish votes and the five members of he Irish jury for the semi-final and final. The Irish votes will be called in by popular television and radio presenter Derek Mooney. 42 year old Derek's radio show has been used to preview the songs in the Irish national final for the last two years and it's his second time calling in the Irish votes, the first being 2000, when Ireland finished 6th. 


The five members of the Irish jury this year are former Eurovision winners Linda Martin and Paul Harrington, producer and director Bill Huges, television presenter and former member of Irish "Popstars Six, Emma O'Driscoll and young singer/songwriter Luan Perle.


Linda Martin (above) hails from Belfast and she  won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland in 1992, singing Johnny Logan's "Why Me?". Previously in 1984 she finished second in the contest with "Terminal 3" (also written by Logan). As a member of Chips and as a solo performer, she holds the record for the number of participations in the Irish national finals. A life-long Eurovision fan, Linda was chosen to chair the five member panel that chosen the six finalists in this year's Irish national final. In recent years Linda has worked on the Irish version of "popstars" and on the "You're A Star" national talent show, though she has often stated her belief that Eurovision in he not the stage to blood new talent and that the contest requires a more experienced performer.

Dubliner Paul Harrington (above) is a well known singer and musician, best known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994, singing Brendan Graham's "Rock'N'Roll Kids" with Charlie McGettingan. Paul released his  debut album in 1991 and his most recent album and last year he released his most recent album "A Collection", an 18 track compilation of his favorite recordings including. Paul recently hiot the Irish charts with a version of the traditional song "Mooly Malone", and in recent years he has performed as a vocalist in the Michael Flatley production "Celtic Tiger".

Fellow Dublin Bill Hughes (above) is no stranger to Eurovision. Last year he chaired the panel that selected the six finalists in the Irish selection. The choice of Dustin The Turkey's "Ireland Douze Pointe" before and after it was selected to represent Ireland in Belgrade was widely debated and Bill was an articulate advocate of the decision of the panel. A well known television producer and director, he directed the widely acclaimed "Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde" in 2004 and has recently produced the popular "Celebrity Jig'n'Reels" on RTE.

Emma O'Driscoll comes from Limerick and first came to public attention in 2001 when she was chosen as one of the members of Six, the Irish "Popstars" group. The group became an overnight sensation in Ireland and scored a couple vof chart-topping hits, before going heir separate ways, having failed to make an international breakthrough. In recent years Emma has turned to television presenting on RTE's children's show "The Den". Emma retains an interest in music and is writing and recording her own songs and this year she called in the votes of the Limerick jury in the Irish national final.  

Luan Parle is singer/songwriter, who hails from Wicklow. Her début album, "Free" was released in Ireland in early 2007. She won the 2007 Meteor award for Best Irish Female in February 2007 and completed the double by winning the Tatler "Music Woman of the Year" award in November 2007.  

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Weren't they supposed to be secret?

I thought they had to remain secret until after the contest, to prevent people trying to bribe them?

Re: Weren't they supposed to be secret?

No, quite the opposite they HAVE to to be revealed before or during the cntest. The names are mentioned in the Irish media today.

I know there will be complaints about the selection, I don't have much of a problem with them, though I'd like to see a bigger jury. At least now theres a better chance that we wont be giving our 12 to Poland, 10 to Lithuania.....

UK Jury

Keith, any idea who has been chosen to serve on the UK Jury (or where we can find this out)? Please tell me that John Barrowman has nothing to do with it!

No idea, though I hasve heard the name of a former UK winner being in there.

A good blend of youth & experience in that five on the face of it. I thought I'd read somewhere that the members were to be announced on the Friday before the final, but as Keith says maybe they had to be announced BY Friday. Would agree that the names should've been kept under wraps til the eve of the final. My gut feeling is that that quintet will give their top vote to a ballad. Could be wrong of course!

Sinead's outfit

Keith,any chance someone can persuade her to ditch the silver outfit in favour of something else? I've been watching the Youtube clips and can see what the problem is ; she'd want to have the physique of an Olympic athlete to carry it off successfully....it's really only something that someone highly toned and in stunning physical shape could wear.

Otherwise,the act is fine and she doesn't even need the gimmick of a flashy catsuit.


Re: Sinead's outfit

I don't know what you're complaining about, I'd bang her! Not a shadow of a doubt. She may not have the flattest stomach but at least she has a personality and I think she looks fantastic :D

Re: Sinead's outfit

re: 'I don't know what you're complaining about, I'd bang her!'
how utterly charming - not!

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