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Is that all there is?

...then let's keep dancing.....

As someone commented on yesterday's blog, the Czech Republic has decided to make its entry public and "Aven Romale" will be the song Gipsy.cz perform in Moscow. I must say that I preferred the other song, but it will be an interesting little diversion at Eurovision, though I do think that it might not qualify as semi one it becoming the gimmick semi with Belgium Elvis impersonato and Sweden's faux opera, which brings me to last night's Melodifestival.

I must say hat I enjoyed the show far more that I thought it would. I stick my my belief that this was the weakest selection of songs in the Swedish final for many many years, andcertainlt the closenes of the voting show that there was no outstanding song or songs.

I believe "La Voix" won the public televote with only 16% of the votes and was only marginally ahead of "Snella Snella" which I think would have been a better entry for Eurovision. As I said yesterday, I cannot see how they can get the huge coral effect with only five backing singers, who presumably also have to dance (or at least walk) around the stage.

The facts that juries (both the interational one and the domestic ones) rated the song so poorly means that it is very unlikely that Sweden can depend on the juries in Moscow to save them for a second year in a row, so "La Voix" has to finish in the Top 9 in semi one. Right now I think Sweden is behind Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and Turkey and it needs at least one of these to fall away in Moscow and then hope that countries like Macedonia, Andorra, Czech Rep., Malta and Montenegro or Israel doesn't pull something out of the bag.

We still do not have official confirmation from the EBU that Georgia is out and rumours are flying around of mediation to try and keep them in. Things should be clearer at he Heads of Delegation meting tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon also ses the draw and I will be blogging my trhoughts after I've seen it. Fingers crossed for a good late draw sandwiched between Cyprus and Poland, but things are never that good are they?


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