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A review of another 13 entries- My thoughts

The last time I posted my thoughts 28 entries had been chosen and made public.
Since then another 13 entries have surfaced taking us up to 41 and leaving us with
two more to be revealed by monday 16th March.
i will discuss those last two later on.Meanwhile we had a number of big hitters
revealing their entry this past weekend.

In semi final 1 there are now 17 from 19 entries now known. So thats 4 more
since i lasted gave my thoughts.

BELGIUM  Patrick Ouchene -"Copycat"
Well I have to say I was not expecting much from this entry
given the little we knew of it before it aired. Although rock 'n roll
is the original building block of many types of modern pop music,
its never been a favourite genre of mine in its purest form.
But I have to say I am more than pleasantly surprised by "Copycat".
My first instinct on hearing it was that it was pleasant and fun.
I think this could do a lot better come May.
Possible Qualifier.

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA  Regina -"Bistra Voda"
This song was very much keenly anticipated by me as I expected
great things from Regina given previous music. It certainly proved
to be more than worth the wait as this song is , in my opinion,
the best entry from the Ex-Yugo countries this year. Another
moody Balkan ballad with an extra edge to it I cannot see this having
a problem reaching the final.
Definite Qualifier.

ISRAEL  Noa and Mira Awad -"There Must Be A Better Way"
When I first heard the selection of songs for the Kdam I was hugely
dissapointed. For such a great singer as Noa it was sad to such mediocre
songs chosen. But I have to say once I heard them sing this live
I realised that this is actually a really nice mid-tempo ballad.
Beautiful harmonies throughout and I could see this doing rather well.
Possible Qualifier.

PORTUGAL  Flor De Lis  - "Todas As Ruas Do Amor"
I really love this song. Its folksy in a Portuguese way and very pleasant
indeed. After banishing their failure to get out of the Semis last year
I really think this gives Portugal a good chance of reaching the final again.
Possible Qualifier.

That leaves us with THE CZECH REPUBLIC
and  SWEDEN  to choose this weekend.
Having heard both the Czech songs I am not too hopeful for their chances.
Of the 11 songs in Melofestivalen this saturday there is an interesting range of song styles.
I suspect that Sweden may go for Pop Opera and Malena and if not possibly for a ballad(SDF or Molly).
But sometimes in Sweden you never know as the jury vote can often contradict the televote.

Last time I predicted 4 definite qualifiers in my opinion from Semi 1 namely
Turkey, Finland, Iceland and Malta. I would now add  Bosnia-Herzegovina 
to that list.

Moving on to Semi Final 2 we now know all 19 entries. Before, I covered the first 12 entries
so here I will give thoughts on the other 7 entries.

More to follow.


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