akoe07 (akoe07) wrote,

My betting forecasts

Ok well the Final is almost upon us and I have to say I have hedged my bets this year as i feel it is still so open.
I had always been saying for 2 months now that it was between Russia Ukraine and Serbia or Sweden if the west can win.
I have all these at £10 each way and stand to win £51 if Russia win, £63for  Serbia, £82 for Ukraine and £157 for Sweden.
I have added to these bets for Spain (£432 if they win), BosniaH(£520),Iceland(£520) and at the last minute Portugal(£520)
These are each way bets so as long as most of these finish in the top 4 I will get some money back anyway.
An additional bet for last place I was going to back Germany but the odds are too short now( I wonder why lol)
so i have put £10 on france coming last at 7-1 which will get me £70 if they are.

Good luck to all and may the best song/performance win.
I hope its a close run thing to for the excitement factor.

Many thanks to Keith and Peter for all their hard work over the last two weeks, hope your liver's recover soon.

Andrew xx

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