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The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Reaction to Semi Two result and draw
Keith SP
Delighted to see Macedonia and Malta make it, but disappointed to see Portugal and Slovenia failing to make the cut.  I got 8/10 which is probably slightly above average in this field.

Things very slow to get going here, Lithuania, Malta and Macedonia seem to be the most delighted delegations. The Dutch seem to be quite disappointed.

We're getting a live feed tonight so the updates will be instant. The one most people sem to be interested in is Sweden. Ireland will be hoping for an early draw for that one.

In order here's how the qualifiers will draw their positions in the final

Ideally Ireland would like Serbia, Macedonia, Estonia and Bosnia drawn around us.

Lithuania draw number 4
Bosnia draw number 5
Serbia draw 24
Ukraine draw 25
Sweden draw 17
Macedonia draw 22
Norway draw 12
Estonia draw 11
Malta draw 21
Turkey draw #18

Here's a reminder of the running order for the final right now.
1: U.K.
2: Hungary
3: Albania
4: Lithuania A poor draw but he is the first uptempo song in the final
5: Bosnia-Herz A really slow start to the contest and playing into the hands of Russia?
6: Russia
7: Iceland
8: Cyprus
9: France
10: Italy
11: Estonia Helping Cyprus & Italy?
12: Norway A pretty anonymous draw

13: Azerbaijan
14: Romania
15: Denmark
16: Greece
17: Sweden draw Ireland's lucky position. 4 uptempo female sung songs in a row.
18: Turkey sets up Spain nicely.
19: Spain
20: Germany
21: Malta Fantastic draw coming after Spain and Germany and before Macedonia, but doesn't help Ireland.
22: Macedonia A good draw for them and a great draw for Ireland.

23: Ireland
24: Serbia A real contender now and it also helps Ireland
25: Ukraine A really good draw but it does hurt Ireland and Moldova.
26: Moldova

The prime draw positions are 21, 22, 24 & 25

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The two that missed out for me were georgia and the netherlands and the two that got tru that i didnt think would were macedonia and malta (malta was terrible in my opinion but such is the voting)


Keith if Estonia gets one of the last slots and is surronded by uptempo songs..can it sail into the top4?


MALTA deserved it after 3 years left out/ robbed by non-sense songs... THIS IS THE NIGHT (Thanks Europe for supporting the island... we really LOVE such Contest)

A million times better than Tuesday on every level, that could have been the final...Better songs singers and performances loved it, just hated that Bosnia, Turkey(soooo bad Georgia was better) and Lithuania got through, Bulgaria, Belarus and Joan were a million times better..great we saw the interval act.. but bloody el and whatshername from last year couldnt even remember the words of waterloo...

Serbia to win

Cant wait to see where Serbia are put, as after tonight, I think they can win (with a good draw).

Up until tonight Sweden has been my favourite, but its moved into my 2nd place after tonight.

The two that missed out for me were georgia and the netherlands and the two that got tru that i didnt think would were macedonia and malta (malta was terrible in my opinion but such is the voting)

Serbia to win

Cant wait to see where Serbia are put, as after tonight, I think they can win (with a good draw).

Up until tonight Sweden has been my favourite, but its moved into my 2nd place after tonight.

The one that didn't deserve it IMO was Turkey.

Thought it was a very weak semi. Tuesday was far better. I got 8/10 (didn't predict Lithuania and Bosnia).

Interesting if we get two slow songs in 4 and 5, the Grannies will be the first fast number of the show. Sweden will want to avoid both those position and have something in the 20s.

Estonia could do well in a late draw but I have to say that I think he's making a mess of the song by oversinging it completely.

Netherlands had a sweet little song, BUT IMHO it will go loooooooong time before rap and hip-hop ( Austria) or somebody in indian headwear ill get voted into finals. Agree, that Turkey is probably the least deserving one.

Snap! I got 8 out of 10 on my blog prediction too Keith. But - as I said on there - I've only been watching this thing for nearly 50 years, so I've stll got a lot to learn!

I was bang on until the last three countries. Estonia getting through sadly meant no Portugal, Croatia or Slovenia, and then Malta(!) advancing killed off Belarus and Georgia. Had a feeling Turkey would be the last announced...yet all I remember about the performance was the cloak-boat.

Malta must have done surprisingly well with the Juries. The UK probably gave it a high-ish score.

I got 9 of 10 and I can't believe Malta did it. I don't mean getting into the final, I mean making a good entry out of zero. wow. Bravo!

Hi guys - has the draw begun?


com n keith your about three behind

Sweden #17
I really think, we've got the winner.

btw, Helena and Lordi had #17 in their finals. Just a funny fact.


aahh i wished Macedonia was in 3rd place singing instead of Albania AAAHHH SO UNLUCKY :'(

My guess is that the top 5 will be as following(in no particular order:


and at the moment it's anybody's game. Let's the best song win :-)))

Shocked that Slovenia's missing and that Malta made it. Happy for Malta, but I thought Slovenia was brilliant!

Serbia and Ukraine are definitely in contention to win now, and Malta got a great draw as well. The Russian grannies are set up quite nicely too, but I dunno if they can win from such an early draw. Italy is in a great position with Estonia coming after it, and Sweden can certainly still win from 17th.

Disagree. I thought Turkey was one of the better performances tonight.

Me things with those draws swedens out of it and its game set and match to Serbia this year...

Re: Game over

I agree with you.

Big winners from tonight's draw . . .

. . . are Serbia and Russia. I was very taken with Bosnia tonight, but she's sunk with that draw.

I'm really not sure that Ireland's draw is that good anymore. Contrast is not all that matters. The 3 songs after Jedward are all better and might stand out even more than Jedward but for good reasons. This will also highlight what a load of bollocks Jedward are.

Between positions 14 and 19 are 3 favorits song for winning: Romania, Sweden and Spain.

My prediction: Romania, Sweden, Spain, Cyprus and Serbia (maybe also Ukraine) will be in top 5. But I donţt guess the position of each other.

You say it like it's strange the Dutch are disappointed after 8 failures in a row. I would be upset if they weren't disappointed.

Well I didn't see Malta coming but they really have a slick routine and the back drop works best of all three with people imagery however I hated the dj bopping about and the female backing singer. I was sad and surprised Slovenia didn't make it and just sad for Portugal (very dated but still my favourite Portuguese entry - ever). Sweden was excellent, well done Loreen, it looked great and the whole the came across so well, the slom mo ending was excellent. Was spot on with Lithuania, so late in the draw and he sold it well. 9/10 again. Consistent at least. Now to decide who's going to win the overall thing. Sweden looking good though.

What is so special about Sweden? Just an average house music with a strange japanese dance.

This is very special, 'cause we kinda had the same song every year from Sweden for last 10 years, and now it's something different. It's a reason to be happy for them)

Yes, but not so happy to make them the winners. Europe should move the contest to new countries, like Romania. I think we desearve this, after Luminita Anghel & Sistem, Traistariu, Paula & Ovi, the beautifull Dincolo de nori 20 years ago. At least Romania should some respect for ESC, sending our best artists.

Slovenia and Portugal

I was not all that disappointed to see Slovenia miss out. She was off-key and breathy at the start, and the backing singers were off throughout - it didn't really deserve it, whereas Bosnia was the surprise for me last night. Excellent performance of a lovely, simple, if unremarkable song.
Portugal, however, was stunning. But it's an old-fashioned song with a poor draw, few neighbours, and it was on after a break. She was sweeeming against the strim from the start. But it is a little galling to see her fail when trash like Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine and Norway gets through.

Still can't believe we managed to get through to the final.. It really was a strong semi-final and we really had nothing going for us.. Bad draw, No neighbours at all, but still we got there with a great performance! Well done to Kurt and his team and a real big thank you to everyone who voted for Malta :) See you in the Final :)

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