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The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Plans for today (Wednesday 23rd May)
Keith SP
Because of the time diference none of the AKOE team got home until 7am this morning. Elaine has done a radio link back to Scotland and she and Andrew are off to the Hilton for a "Engelbert meets Jedward" photocall.

I am about to head out around the old town record today's Brunch Briefing at Maiden Tower of nearby. Then we should all be in the Press Centre for the 18:00 Press rehearsal (that's 14:00 Irish time) of Semi Two. I will do a rolling blog from the Press Centre and Elaine and Andrew will watch it in the Arena.

Then tonight, I will go to the Arena and Andrew or Elaine will do a rolling blog.

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Guys were you really watching the same show as us? Musically this was soooo poor, Romania, Greece and Cyprus are almost identical with an awful Moldova following behind...As for being disappointed for Israel, are you being serious? this was so bad...really bad, it came across on tv like a bunch of drunk drag queens...
At least Dusseldorf had some style, professionalism and humour, with an amazing stage, this was so flat and boring it may improve but the design and production wont...Really dissapointed as are all my friends..

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