All Kinds Of Everything for Eurovision

The build-up to the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku

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Wow what an amazing show by Andrew
That was fantastic in the arena. As each country was revealed it dawned on
me that I had predicted each one in turn. I got all 10 right for the first time
perhaps ever. I am so chuffed for Cyprus and Ireland and Albania especially.
I also called that Ireland would come out last and my feeling based on 
previous years that its never totally random, the last country out always 
has done well possibly finishing top 3 in the Semi, we shall see.
All we need now is some cracking draw numbers for some of my favourites.
I would love to see Russia draw number 2 though, on after the Hump.

I am now waiting in the Winners Press conference for the winners to come in
and to then each draw their position in turn.

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It may have been amazing in the hall but it didnt translate to tv at all, was really poor, lack lustre and emotionless... a lot of technical issues like the lead singers having tuning problems and flags obscuring the camera work...the worst stage and lighting in years even worse than Norway...

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